Naming the Frame


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“Living in context is worth doing if it reminds us that we are in a battle, indeed in a struggle for survival. It is worth doing if it tunes us into the world’s suffering and our part in it as followers of the ‘suffering servant’. It is worth doing if it gives us a new sense of urgency. ‘The end of all things is near,’ as the Apostle Peter says, ‘be serious and discipline yourselves’. Above all it challenges us to be better disciples of Jesus ‘in this present age’.” As Christians in the 21st century, what is our context? Global megatrends-postmodernism, globalisation, postcolonialism, international migration and environmental catastrophe-may appear to be too vast for us to contemplate, let alone formulate a Christian response to; yet we cannot ignore them, as they profoundly affect who we are, how we read the Bible, and how we see the world. In Naming the Frame, Jonathan Ingleby challenges us to commit ourselves to a deeper understanding of what is going on in the world-and what is going on in our lives-and to speak and act prophetically as faithful servants of God into these situations.