Silk Road Pilgrimage


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This book serves two different purposes.  Firstly, it is intended as an evangelistic book that can be given to Muslims.  It contains dialogues with Muslims about a wide range of spiritual issues and unpacks some deeper meanings that most Muslims have not thought about when they observe practices such as almsgiving, fasting or circumcision.

Secondly, the book serves as a handbook or model for Christians in finding points of contact for constructive dialogues with people from Islamic backgrounds.  The themes mentioned above are relevant especially in Muslim contexts, while some other ‘points of contact’ relate to particular issues in certain cultures, such as using traditional Central Asian rugs or carpets as a bridge for sharing about Jesus.  Still other topics are general human issues such as questions of suffering, bringing up children, or the activities of angels, which may be of interest to people from almost any culture.

The book is based on the author’s experiences of talking with Muslims in Central Asia and the Caucasus region.  There is no single approach that is suitable for everyone, so this book provides a repertoire of possible approaches that can be used in particular circumstances when talking with people from Muslim backgrounds.